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When you think of skunks the first thing that comes to mind is the odor.  That is their defense warning you to back off.  Nobody ever thinks of the trouble associated with skunks like chewing holes, chewing wires, diseases they carry, and biting.  In fact, some people actually have them as pets because they are so cute.  However, wild skunks can be dangerous to you, your family, and pets.  Not only does their scent they spray smell bad, their urine and feces stinks and can make a human sick.  A skunks coloring is famous and easy to recognize, so if you see one stay away from it.  Don't let it near your children or pets because one bite can cause many infections and may transmit disease.  Texans 1 Rodent Removal of Austin Texas will come to your home or business and trap (humanely) and release the skunk back into the wild.

For homes, common entry points are breezeways, gaps, and unsealed garage doors. It’s very important that you work to protect these areas so that you do not incur an infestation. To learn more about skunk removal with Texans 1 Rodent Removal of Austin Texas, please watch this video from our specialists.
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